If you reside in Denmark, you are required to pay taxes. These taxes support the Danish welfare system, which covers services such as road maintenance, child care, tuition-free education, elderly care, and complimentary access to doctors and hospitals. All residents of Denmark enjoy these benefits.

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Danish Work Culture

According to Geert Hoffstede’s cultural dimensions, Danish culture and work culture stand out significantly from the global norm. Descriptors of the Danish work environment include low power distance, a focus on work-life balance, and empowerment. Many Danes have a deep interest in their work, and employees in Denmark are viewed as highly motivated and committed.

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What the area offers for you and your family

Here you can find information for you that have recently arrived or live in the aera of Herning and Ikast-Brande together with your family.
The goal is to give you information about the options the area offers your family. Among several opportunities, the area offers international childcare and schooling, international study programmes and much more.